Web & Graphic

Alexa Designs will provide a custom solution for your unique site! With satisfied clients ranging from complex e-commerce sites with hundreds of products to beautiful portfolio sites of photography and art. Together we can grow your business by integrating your products or services on social media and across multiple sales channels.

Small Updates & Code Changes
Adding new functionality to an existing site
Get more webpage visitors & repeat sales
Build customer support & management
Conversion optimization
Help your website get more visitors
Help build customer support & management
Help your business get repeat sales
Conversion optimization

Building a custom theme
Optimizing & tweaking products
Building private apps or integrations
Migrate from another e-commerce platform
Writing content or product descriptions
Setting up a new e-commerce store
Designing the look and feel of your online store
Search engine optimization
Add products or services to an existing store

WEBSITE PLATFORMS: WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify, Squarespace, iPage, Amazon Merchant Services, Etsy, Depop, Magento, Pressable, Google Shopping, and more.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES: Branding & Concept creation, logo & graphic design, SEO, G-Suite Email, AdWords integration, social media analytic tracking, hosting & domain registration assistance.